Why Life Coaching

Why you need a Holistic Lifestyle Coach

In today's world, life is seemingly more complex than it used to be. No matter how high one seems to climb the ladder of personal or professional success yet the dilemma of traditional roles and societal pressures often pull a person down. The modern woman is constantly juggling multiple roles of family and professional lives. The paradox of contemporary fast life and her traditional role as a mother, daughter, daughter-in-law, and career aspirations leads to depression and insecurity. As a result, increasingly, women lose focus on their careers, personal relationships and health.

Chesly Suraaj is an ICF certified life coach, a certified wellness expert by AYUSH Ministry, and believes that women are the pillars of a family and society. Chesly draws her knowledge and experience from the corporate world and as a solo entrepreneur, balancing her role as a mother and a professional. As a proficient mentor and life consultant, she spends time listening to individuals and guides them towards conflict-free and holistic well-being.